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A Rust based DNS server

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TRust-DNS was started to answer a few problems that have been seen in BIND and other standard DNS servers on the internet.

Status (Rust API Docs)

WARNING!!! Under active development! Do not attempt to use in any production systems.

A note on sockets, this client is only using Rust stable, socket options are currently feature restricted. This means that the Client is very dangerous to use at the moment because it will wait forever for a response from the server.

In progress:

Authors and Contributors

Benjamin Fry (@bluejekyll) started TRustDNS in 2015, mostly to play with Rust.

License and Copyright

Copyright is held by Benjamin Fry, the project is license under the Apache 2.0 License. In order to have the flexibility of changing both the copyright and the license in the future, all code in TRustDNS repository will share this license and copyright.